Do I have any chance to get into ucla as communication major??

<p>i know communication studies is one of the most competitive majors in ucla but i really wanna go there next year and i wanna know if i have any chance!</p>

<p>im an international student (yep, i know its a lot more harder to get in than residents..)
major: communication studies
GPA: 4.0
pre-req: 5/7 are done by the end of this spring
i didnt do any except for being on tennis team for my CC this spring (ive got an award for the top 12 in a conference tho).
i am thinking of getting on speech team and applying for internship this fall</p>

<p>im working hard to get straight A's this semester and i know i can do it.</p>

<p>this fall im planning to take one more pre-req for comm. major but ive been worried about a grade for the class. ive heard that the teacher is really tough and there were only 2 out of 70 students who got an A in her class. of course imma try really hard to get an A, but if its still hard then should i drop the class and take it next spring? or keep taking the class and get a letter grade even if its a B or lower?</p>

<p>some of my friends say i should have all the letter grades for pre-req. since i apply to an impacted major. but having a B or lower grade on pre-req. sounds really bad too.. next spring i believe its gonna be a different teacher and so it will be easier to get a good grade. but then if i take it next spring, i cant have a letter grade for the pre-req.. i know its too early to worry about it but i really wanna get in there and i wanna know the best choice x(</p>

<p>please tell me what i should do/what i can do better</p>

<p>You have a great shot, but being an international student always puts you at risk no matter how high your GPA is. I'm going to say about 7.5-8/10 chance of getting in, the only weak point being your status as a int student applying under an impacted major. Finish up IGETC and pre-reqs and you should be good to go, always remember to mix in some easy classes when your taking a batch of hard ones to offset your workload.</p>

<p>a lot a lot of EC and a strong personal statement</p>

<p>thank u sephorazn! imma finish up IGETC by the end of this semester and so i just need to finish one more pre-req. and get involved in ECs. yea im super worried about the pre-req but ill do my best.</p>

<p>the avg gpa for this year was 3.95 so one B can really set you back especially if you're an international student.</p>

<p>thanks stacy! yea i need more ECs for sure! but ive heard its better to have ECs related to my major.. or should i do any ECs even if its not related?</p>

<p>jetforcegeminix, is it really? 3.95?! thats even higher than 2008... yea then getting a B doesnt sound right.. but should i just wait for next spring and finish it up without a letter grade? im so worried x(</p>

<p>i def. think ECs related to your major is a plus! this gives you something to write when it comes down to your personal statement. because you need to write about something that you did that was related to you major. im majoring in psych and joined psych club. joining clubs count as your EC. and it's super easy too.</p>

<p>stacy, i agree with u! and i know i should gain more experiences related to my major too! yea there is speech club in my college. ill join the club too!</p>

<p>hey i was wondering.
since the ave. gpa for comm. major was 3.95, should i take a pre-req. next spring even if i dont get a letter grade? or should i take it this fall and get a letter grade?
which do u think is better?</p>

<p>get the letter grade, and try to complete the prereqs at the time of application so they can see your grades. it's tough to get in the first place and expect others to be in the exact same situation as you so do everything you can to strengthen your application</p>

<p>I have been doing a lot of research on the UCLA coms major as I am planning on transferring as one for the Fall 2010 school year. Now I am really scared... Can anyone tell me what my odds are of getting in?
community college transfer
exactly 60 units completed by time of transfer
3.93 GPA 4.0 prereq GPA
only one B received in an honors class
6/7 prereqs completed by the end of this semester
part time job, phi beta kappa, honors club, Club Volleyball last year.
IGETC will be finished by end of this semester
and will be TAP certified next week
my essays are very well written, but nothing mind blowing</p>

<p>Thanks for the help!</p>

<p>smoser2, I think you have a great shot. I was pretty on the fence about your chance until I saw that you're being TAP certified. Make sure you notify the UC's that you're being TAP certified as soon as possible! Either call them or write about it in the Additional Comments section on your UC update.</p>

<p>Thanks emilsinclair9, but while I was reading through past forums I was informed that even though I will be TAP certified, it will not give me priority consideration because I am applying as a Communications major. Apparently, since it is the most impacted TAP has no effect besides giving me the option of an alternate major. So I still think I am pretty on the fence :(((</p>

<p>Pre-reqs are definitely the top thing with your GPA and even with a 4.0 its really hard to tell since that major is so impacted with a average admit rate of like 3.95 last year and being an international student I think that your shot is ok just like everyone else with high grades you just have to hope since the communications staff picks that admits themselves unlike the other majors are picked by the admissions staff</p>

That is correct TAP does not work for Comm Studies according to the UCLA counselor that i talked to and he said that it is actually the hardest major to get into and that no matter what you should feel on fence just because of how impacted the major is</p>

<p>Thanks for the insight. I wish UCLA would have posted this information somewhere instead of just letting us assume that it applied for all majors in the college of letters and science...</p>

<p>i would say that if that one pre-req is really hard, push it back to the spring before transfer, if you really think itll impact ur chances.</p>

<p>I'm a comm major as well..this is a little bit off topic but do any of yall know whether it matters if I'm not a full-time student (12 units or more) at my cc? Overall, I am a full-time student because I have 9 units at my cc and taking 3 units online from a distant cc which (obviously) adds up to 12 units. I'm just wondering if it matters if I'm not a full-time student AT my main cc.</p>

<p>I don't think that will have any effect. As long as you have over 60 units before transfer and most of your prereqs completed</p>

<p>it doesnt matter, a berk rep was telling me about how a lady had taken almost ten years to transfer over, because she only took one class a semester, and she got in, so i wouldnt wrry too much about it</p>