do I have any chance?

<p>Im a junior and I've always loved science math etc..
im taking Honors chem, Honors Physics and AP calc BC,
Except for honors enlgish and AP calc I have all As...
I also have gotten a "best in state"(connecticut) award for JETS competition.</p>

<p>And i dont know if this would help,but i skipped 8th grade. i finished 7th grade in China and jumped right into 9th grade here in the U.S.</p>

<p>I was hoping to get into MIT until i saw a thread where a freshman is taking AP calc.....So yeah...kinda want to know if theres any chance for me...</p>

<p>in terms of standard test...i took my first sat on dec 4th. I don't know the score yet but hopffully ill get 2250+ before applying</p>

<p>and i know nothign about programming which seems to be almost a "requirment" of applying mit</p>

<p>Don't worry, I know nothing about programming, either. I took an engineering course so I know a tiny tiny bit about BASIC, but that wasn't even in my application and they took me anyway.</p>

<p>MIT is very good about judging you in your own context, so try not to compare specific things between you and other applicants.</p>

<p>If you have the grades to apply, then apply. But grades alone won't get you in -- passion and personality are deciding factors. Those are important indicators when evaluating potential.</p>

<p>So I'd apply -- what do you have to lose? Just a couple hours and the application fee.</p>