Do i have ANY chance?

<p>I'm a sophmore at Eastchester High </p>

<p>I want to know if i have any chance into getting into Columbia</p>

<p>9th grade cumulative GPA- 3.9 - No Honors</p>

<p>10th grade 1,2,3 quarter cumulative GPA - 3.9 - Weighted 4.0
-Honors in Chemistry, Biology, skipped Math 11H went to Pre-Calc honors, Global Honors</p>

<p>courses in 11 grade
AP Chem
AP Physics
AP Calc BC
AP US History
Advanced Science Research
French 4
English 11</p>

Science Club- president by senior year
Math Team-president by senior year
Academic Challenge Team-president by senior year
Political science
French Club
Orchestra-president by senior year currently vice pres
Math Honors Society- president by senior year
science Honors Society
French Honors Society
Yearbook commitee</p>

<p>first PSAT in sophmore year - 178 I'll do much better junior year though hopefullly at least 200</p>

<p>been playing violin for 11 years hopefully will get into All-State this year</p>

<p>and another thing, do colleges like if i went from Math 9 to Pre-Calc Honors in 1 year?</p>


<p>umm, junior year will determine most decisions. You look impressive on paper though. AP Chem, Calc, and Physics in one year? That's impressive. </p>

<p>The thing is, this board has no real way of predicting the future for you. Also, you seem very interested in math and science. Is Columbia really the place for you anyway? </p>

<p>The math jumping thing is somewhat irrelevant since a lot of people take Calc junior year. </p>

<p>You can be "president" of an orchestra?</p>

<p>Kim, you're a great student and you ought to get in if you do very well next year. However, a lot of these decisions are made on things you cannot really change. Ivies tend to like good students who also stand out somehow. That needs be reflected in your essay, your ecs, and what your teachers say about you.
A senior I knew last year who was the president of everything and was seemingly invincible academically didn't get in and scared the crap out of me since Columbia was my dream school. On the other hand, some other people got in who never seemed like they did anything.
Ultimately, you are an asian kid (like me) who gets good grades, likes math and science, and leads the orchestra. You'll need to show them something special. But don't worry about it, you're still a sophomore.</p>

<p>I'm one of those kids that got in without doing anything. Don't be freaked out by some of the really fabulous acceptees, as long as you're genuine in your application and the genuine you is fairly intelligent, then there's little more you can do. It's all a crapshoot anyways.</p>

<p>Uh. How are you a president of an orchestra? I think they would be more concerned with the all-state and concermistress/assistant concertmistress/principal 2nd spots. Just my opinion anyway. Send in a recording. I think they require one piece from each era (baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary). Or maybe that was some other school...but they're very specific on what they want.</p>

<p>What state are you from? They're very big on quotas. They said so at my info session.</p>

thx for feedback!!</p>

<p>oh. you should move to montana, like, now. anyway, I just realized that when I said recording requirements, I was speaking in terms of piano recordings. I'm not sure if violin recording requirements would be any different...</p>

<p>Come back and ask next year when you've completed one semester of your junior year. Ppl will be able to give you a better idea then. You are on the right track - all those clubs are nice but you might want to branch out a little, maybe find some things to do OUTSIDE of school. (Violin was a good want stuff thats not just there to pad a resume) Other than that, keep your grades up and do really well on the SATs, and you'll stand a chance!</p>

<p>kimchi, you're only a sophomore! Relax, you'll do fine, you're definitely on track for Columbia!</p>

<p>wait so colleges look at your junior year THE MOST not your freshman and sophmore years?</p>

<p>hopeful..i hope your kidding. everyone knows that freshman counts the least, if not any and soph-junior is what the colleges look at. freshman year..everyone bombs it. its fact in our school. kimchi, dont worry about your freshman year. at least in ur soph. class you show sum hard classes. muy bien</p>

<p>your app will be crucial. your essays can make or break their decision for you</p>