Do I have any hope?


<p>I am a sophomore at Frostburg State Univ in western maryland. This is my first year here, as a freshman, I was at a community college. I am basically here so I didn't have to go back to CC. My cumulative college GPA right now is a 2.5, and that should go up to about a 2.6-2.7 after this semester. My SAT1 was a 1240 (660 verbal, 580 math).</p>

<p>Do I have any chance of getting into UMASS-Amherst as a transfer next fall? I know they say the min. transfer GPA is a 2.5, but does that stick?</p>

<p>Also, would I have a shot at UCONN, or U of New Hampshire?</p>



<p>I hate to say this, but if you don't meet minimum GPA requirements, you probably won't have a shot. Historically, those who are accepted generally exceed minimum standards, therefore making you a longshot in the applicant pool. </p>

<p>You could email the adcoms at UMASS and ask them whether or not your chances of acceptance are realistic based on your credentials.</p>

<p>It says the min GPA to be considered is a 2.5, and i'll be above that.</p>

<p>Do people who get over the min. usually get in as a transfeR?</p>

<p>im at umass amherst right now, and its not hard to get in here at all. i know a lot of people are looking to transfer out (like myself) so you shouldnt have a problem getting in</p>