Do I have chance to be admitted by Duke ED with 2100

<p>Anyone, do I have chance to be admitted by Duke with SAT2100</p>

<p>Like the only thing the admission officers look for is the SAT score:</p>

<p>2250… check,
2050… nope.</p>

<p>^^ No clue what that person is talking about. There are a LOT more than just an SAT. </p>

<p>The SAT is just one number, to get accepted to a great school like Duke you need the whole package.</p>

<p>I highly doubt the admissions officers have so little time that the only thing they check is the SAT score if they dont consider it "high enough. Don’t listen to get2350, 2100 is a very respectable score. Not very competitive for Duke, but respectable.</p>

<p>jcold9, he’s saying exactly what you said. @Karry, a Duke admin officer came to our school and flat out said (I’m not exaggerating), “A 2400 is not impressive.” Obviously, she wasn’t trying to belittle people who get perfect scores, nor was she trying to say you could apply with a genuinely bad score (not CC bad like 2000 and below, like a 600 for example, 200CR/W/M), but it’s only part of a whole and I think forums like these do exaggerate the SAT beyond its role.</p>

<p>I don’t know, then what’s the point of exhibiting the score range of the number of accepted students? There aren’t many with a 2100 and below for duke as compared to the 2200+.
This is a worry of mine too :(</p>