Do I have time to retake the ACT's?

<p>I got my December scores back and I'm slightly relieved. The first time I took them I got a 24, the second time a 27.
1st time: 25 24 27 21
2nd time: 28 23 31 24</p>

<p>Still isn't that great of a composite score, but I'm content. However, I would like to improve, especially in the math to get a higher superscore. I'm a senior, so I don't have much time left and I've set off my applications to most of my schools. The next ACT is in February. Will colleges allow that? Or no?</p>

<p>Oh! Another question: I completely blanked and haven't sent scores to 3 schools. They're all due January. If I send them today, will it be okay?!</p>

<p>They are unlikely to accept your February score in time. Check on each college's website.</p>

<p>Yes, you can send them now.</p>