Do I have to go for a major that my scholarship essay says?

<p>To explain: I'm writing an essay for a scholarship that's about my love of Indiana Jones and how it has lead me to the field of archeology, and how higher education helps me attain that goal.</p>

<p>My concern is; if I win this scholarship, and end up NOT enrolling in a Archeology major / school (I have varying interests) will I still be able to hold onto the scholarship? </p>

<p>To clarify; the scholarship isn't for just archeology majors, it's just a general essay and general scholarship. But I'm concerned that they're revoke it or not be too happy when I decide to go somewhere else.</p>


<p>Don't worry. Unless a scholarship is for only certain majors, your choice of major won't matter. Colleges also know that most college students switch their majors at least twice.</p>

<p>Alright, so even if I say that it will help me "achieve my childhood dreams" and that I'll be "living the dream", it's okay if I end up changing my mind in the end?</p>

<p>Sure, it's fine. Unless the scholarship is tied to a specific major, the college won't care if you change majors. The essay is telling the college about how you make decisions, your values, etc. It's not a promise that you'll definitely do all of the things you're now planning. Presumably, college will expand your perspective about yourself, the world and what's possible. The scholarship committee knows this. They also know that there's a big difference between students who write essays saying, for instance, "My goal is to major in business so I can make lots of money and live in a mansion" and people who say, "I plan to major in archeology because I'm fascinated by ancient cultures and love the adventure of uncovering mysteries about such cultures."</p>

<p>One person's response indicate a great deal of self interest and materialism. Another person's response indicates lots of intellectual curiosity. Scholarship committees are likely to want to invest in students who don't come across as being selfish.</p>