Do I have to send all our AP scores?

<p>I took two AP tests, and I got a 4 in Chem and a 2 in US history. I only self-reported the "4" that I got. So I want to officially send my "4" to them. However, do I still have to send my "2" in USH to USC?</p>

<p>shinywing, you have already been admitted to USC. You do not have to worry about only sending the "4" to them. It will make absolutely no difference to anyone on the entire planet if USC "sees" your 2 in US History. Just send all your AP scores.</p>

<p>i put usc as the school my ap scores i requested to be sent to when we took the ap test. is that sufficient?</p>

<p>@starlight - If you took the AP tests this past May and you put down USC, that's all you need! The report will automatically send in the scores of all the AP tests you've taken. (This is what I did last year)</p>

<p>If I didn't put in a school, it won't send right? Because I'm pretty sure I got a 3 on AP USH.</p>