Do I HAVE to submit AP grades to colleges?

<p>For example, if I got a 2, which the college will not give me credit for, do I still need to send in the AP Grade report request to have the scores sent to colleges? And will I need to self-report the score on my college app?</p>

<p>You don't have to report your AP scores on your app, but if you don't, colleges may assume you did badly. Either way, you don't have to send in an official AP score report until after you are accepted to and save a spot in a college.</p>

<p>Thanks, you are everywhere today saving me haha.</p>

<p>You absolutely don't have to send the scores, and the colleges won't think of it one way or another. They are not going to remember that you said you were going to take them and try to figure out which you took, what you got, and contact you for your scores. The purpose of the AP tests is to give you either advanced credit so that you can save some money by getting college credit or by letting you skip some intro classes and start at a higher level, but no college credit. Either way it is up to you to report them. You don't have to send them in at all. If you decide to send SAT scores, the APs are not included in the college board report.</p>