Do I have to submit old ACT scores?

<p>When I was in sixth grade (in 2008), my parents forced me to take the ACT. Now, I'm a sophmore in high school and my parents want me to take it again. I'd rather not because I'm worried that I would have to tell colleges how many times I've taken the ACT and what my scores are. </p>

<p>So when I'm applying to colleges, will I have to submit older scores? Will the schools take the fact that I took the test at a young age into consideration?</p>

<p>Anything in High School needs to be reported to colleges that require you to report all scores vs super scores only.</p>

<p>Any score before 8th is wiped out from all systems when you go to high school and the colleges do not have access to them.</p>

<p>Thanks texaspg :D I was really worried about my ACT score from sixth grade...</p>

<p>I made a mistake in my previous answer. Any score before you enter 9th grade is removed from the systems once you enter 9th. </p>

<p>If you take it in 10th and a few more times to get a better score, different schools have different policies in terms of what you need to report. Some schools require you to report all scores from all attempts while others ask you to provide only the best scores in each section. So my suggestion is to not attempt too often and space them out (so if you take it now, don't take it again before April of your junior year).</p>

<p>Oh, okay thanks though. What about a school like BU?</p>

<p>They want you to send all (they recommend) but consider only the highest.</p>

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<p>NOOOOO NEVER! I did ACT in 7th grade for John Hopkin's CTY program. It took me a while to even find it on ACT (and my 8th grade College Board SAT was erased, lol). So no, you don't!</p>

<p>Thank you both so much!</p>