Do I have upper division standing?

Before you comment: Just know that I would ask a counselor about this but its winter break now, and I need an immediate answer so hopefully either @Gumbymom or @PhantomVirgo can answer.

I signed up for a GE that I just say has a pre requisite of upper division standing… thats the only prereq… no specific classes. I did a dual enrollment program, and I am currently a freshman and on oasis it says that with the current number of units I have, I have junior standing (cause I have a ton of CC credits from dual enrollment). It also says “In good Academic Standing” on the top.

Would I be fine taking my current GE, or will I get kicked out?

You’re considered to have upper division standing as long as you have 90+ units. So yes, you have upper division standing if you’re listed as a junior currently.