Do I have what it takes for NYU Poly?

<p>My naviance graph shows I am a match but my stats are a bit 'outlier-ish'. I will be applying in early feb.</p>

<p>My current gpa is a
3.05 UW</p>

<h2>3.25 W</h2>

<h2>SAT score is a 2010 (retaking tomorrow for a 2200+)</h2>

<p>Regent's scores:</p>

<h2>100's on all of them except spanish (89), s.s. (80-95's), english (90).</h2>

<p>Subject Tests:
Bio- 800
Chem- 800</p>

<h2>Math2- 780</h2>

challenging. taken 3 year of honors and 2 years of aps (6 honor classes; 6 APs</p>

<h2>My ECs are decent (sports/club wise) and the only thing that makes me stick out is my work to a donation-based hospital in a 3rd world country. I have worked devotedly by interacting with patients; with doctors and have learned a lot about actual poverty. have devoted 450 hours of my time to this.</h2>

extremely strong and focuses on my grade drop in junior year.
LoRs will be incredibly strong (haven't gotten them yet since I am applying this February, I plan on asking my ap physics and s.s. teacher (college course teacher) for LoRs.</p>

<h2>Supplementals are unique, strong and a slight bit of humor</h2>

<p>MAJOR: Something related to Medicine; I wish to go into biomedical engineering but nyu poly doesn't offer it as a undergrad major; so i plan on 'concentrating' in it by taking courses at nyu and nyu poly.</p>


<h2>Hooks: does being the first person in my entire extended family going to an american university count?; my parents went to med school abroad</h2>

No need for FA
living in ny
not born in the us (but came here at an early age)
Nyu-poly is more of a computer science based school but I have checked it out campus-wise and what not and I love it. I have taken computer science in school all the way to ap compsci but i couldn't take ap comp sci this year cause it could not fit in my schedule.</p>

<p>forget my 2200+ score. </p>

<p>I probably landed a 1900.
What do you guys think about my chances?</p>

<p>this is where I stand for now:
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<p>Based on your Naviance graph alone, I'd say it's a 50/50. My graph is like yours for the normal NYU school, and others on this forum have told me i'm about 50/50</p>

<p>I think you can make it. I have faith :P I'm sure your M/CR score improved.</p>