do i have what it takes?!

<p>applying to hotel school</p>

<p>SAT I --1450 (800M, 650V)
SAT IIs -- 800 2c, 780 chem, 710 writing
gpa unweighted: 3.8 or 3.9</p>

<p>work experience-- im hoping to work as soon as next week at a hotel...but i think alot of my service work comes from my volunteer work which i have been doing for 3 years now.</p>

<p>ECs: i have a sufficient amount just know that. i am VP for one of them, captain for another, and part of the student council for another.</p>

<p>Volunteer work: hospital, summer camp counselor, peer tutor</p>

<p>by graduation i will have taken 7 AP classes</p>

<p>i already have some college credit (hopefully) from taking courses at a college..</p>


<p>u have great chances...hotel admin isnt as competitive as teh other schools at cornell!</p>