Do I meet the required math credits for most colleges?

On most college websites, they say the require one credit of “college preparatory math” or something else like that. If my classes throughout high school have been Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre Calc, and Financial algebra, should I be qualified for college?

You have four years of math. You are fine.

Most colleges will be satisfied by completion of precalculus. A very few recommend or require calculus. If you complete precalculus in 11th grade or earlier and will apply to the most selective colleges, or are interested in a college major that requires calculus, taking calculus if available to you is a good idea.

Based on what I can find of “financial algebra” courses in high schools, it looks like that is usually a personal finance course (some personal finance concepts like compound interest are best understood using math), rather than a college prep math course.

Thank you