Do I need an ED Agreement?

<p>I just submitted my early decision application to Cornell engineering.</p>

<p>According to the Cornell's website:
"Finally, there are some other supplemental forms on the Common Application website, like the Early Decision Agreement, an Arts Supplement, etc. These are NOT required and we advise you NOT to submit these additional forms with your application."</p>

<p>So I assumed that I do not have to send in an ED agreement. </p>

<p>But can anyone confirm this? I would hate to lose chances of admission because I didn't turn in the right forms.</p>

<p>It's quite clear from the quote you posted that Cornell does not want you to submit the ED agreement.</p>

I just had friends and a counselor trying to convince me otherwise.</p>

<p>I am far from an expert but I'm pretty sure you need to submit the ED agreement. Where did get the quote listed above from ... from general instructions about using the common app at Cornell? ... or in the application instructions specifically written about apply in ED?</p>

<p>If they are from the specific section on applying ED than I agree you do not need the agreement? If they are from the general section on using the common app (or some other general section) I think you do need the form; in this case I assume the intent was to tell applicants when submitting the common app all possible forms are not required (or in other words the extra forms are only needed in certain situations ... like the ED form is only needed when applying ED).</p>

<p>You should call the admissions office and ask them.</p>

<p>No, Cornell does not accept ED agreement form provided by Common Application. To apply ED, just check the ED box on the Cornell supplement.</p>

<p>LOL, good to know that things haven't changed much. When I applied in the last millenium, I had submitted my app before my visit -- they were willing to change my status over the phone.</p>

<p>Follow CORNELL's instructions for ED - NO common app ED agreement. Just check the appropriate box on the application. Also - be sure and check the box for which college(s) you're applying to. Even if it's obvious in your supplemental essay, these boxes MUST be checked. They flat out deny about 1000 kids every year for not indicating which college they're applying to! Again - read CORNELL's instructions and follow them exactly. Good luck everyone - we just visited our son for parents' weekend and he LOVES it - the perfect fit for him!</p>

<p>Thanks everyone.</p>

<p>I called and they said "No ed agreement required."</p>

<p>they're dumb then</p>