Do I need some safety schools?

<p>I have applied to the following schools:</p>

<p>Bowdoin College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rochester Institute of Technology
SUNY Geneseo
SUNY Binghamton</p>

<p>I'm wondering if I'll need some safety schools, or if I'm a good match at most of the colleges. I realize Bowdoin might be a bit of a stretch with my stats.</p>

<p>Here's my information:</p>

<p>White male, upstate New York
1280 SAT (v: 680, m: 600)
29 ACT
I have a 95 GPA, ranked 5/87 in my class.
I've taken the hardest possible curriculum offered at my school (including AP Calculus and physics my senior year).
I got a 5 on my AP US History exam. Do colleges even look at AP scores when considering applicants?
I've got a bunch of extracurriculars - varsity soccer, tennis, quizbowl, etc.
Lots of work experience, but very little community service.</p>

<p>So, do I need some safety schools? I realize my choice of schools would be considered safeties by many of you, heh. Also, if you know of any other schools similar to RIT and RPI, feel free to advise.</p>

<p>You don't need to submit your test scores to Bowdoin.</p>

<p>I already did. About a month ago, in fact.</p>