Do i need to buff up my EC's to get into UNC-CH?

this might be too early but if it is i'd like to try and increase my chances.
I am a junior in high school at a good school in NC. I have had A's and B's throughout my HS career, throughout my education. Currently, my GPA is 4.5/4.6 weighted. I went to a journalism camp last summer at UNC (sophomore-junior year) and this summer i am either going on a service project with a charitable organization or JSA (Junior Statesmen of America). Regardless, i will be going back to Europe (13th time), because my mom is an immigrant from Hungary and my family still resides there. This means that i am bilingual (i loveeee learning languages!)</p>

<p>Presently, my extracurriculars look like this:
Beta Club
volunteering at a local theatre organization and my old elementary school, where many diverse ethnic groups attend
Secretary of Multicultural Club, senior year i will be President
i ran for Junior Vice Pres. but of course the most popular kid won
Student of the Year Award for H. World History
Creating the yearbook (in journalism class, but it requires a lot of time outside of school)
Latin Junior League</p>

<p>I want to pursue International Studies/European Studies for major/minor or vice versa. At the moment, i am reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and exploring many classics. I read the Economist, and i write well. I used to want to be a Creative Writing major because i am a good writer and i write novels but i finally decided on not doing that.
By the time i apply i will have 7 AP classes, and i am taking Princeton Review to help amp up my SAT scores.</p>

<p>Do i need to amp up my EC's?
Sorry for the long post, but i need some input and i'd really appreciate it! :D

<p>Also i have about 135 volunteer hours with volunteering with my church. Dunno if that changes anything</p>

<p>You look pretty decent as is. Maybe a couple honors societies (English, because you like writing, and maybe NHS and a language honors society).</p>

<p>Thanks, and yea i think that Latin Junior League pretty much is a language honors society. I am also taking courser courses over summer and during junior year with the Univ. of Edinburgh</p>

<p>Are you kidding? For one, you are in IS. To be honest, they have much lower standards on the EC front for IS students.
Secondly, colleges will be able to tell when you amped up your ECs just to get in.
Thirdly, those ECs are pretty good. Might get you into schools more competitive than UNC like Duke. You’ve got some great essay opportunities BTW. The service project or the trips to Europe described with your great writing would blow them away. If you aren’t going to already, I’d keep a journal while on the service project in case you do decide to use it.</p>

<p>Thank you, good to know. For my essay i am pretty much banking on my experiences worldwide :slight_smile: also i am starting a club, Current Events Club. It’s more because i want to further learning not necessarily for the buffing up EC’s, but thanks!</p>