Do I need to report every standardized tests I have taken?

<p>I took the SAT once in my sophomore year just to try it out and I got a crap score compared to my ACT Score (which I will sending as my main test score). So I posted no scores on the SAT section for the Common App b/c I don't intend on sending my crap SAT score to all my schools. However, one of my schools stated that they would like to see all my test scores (meaning I would need to send my SAT scores). Does this mean I need to post my SAT scores on Common App as well? Even though I don't intend on sending it to my other schools? Or would that make me look dishonest??</p>

<p>I don't think you need to report it on common app, especially if you send the college all your scores on the official report. I'm not totally sure about this though, so hopefully someone else will either back me up or give another point of view.</p>

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<p>Thanks for allowing me to abbreviate your handle.</p>

<p>I'm a dad with one D in college, and another applying. I work in the public sector and have years of experience working with public and private school leadership. I have also helped students (other than my own) manage college applications several getting scholarships/tuition free admits. Even helped one get a full ride to a Washington DC school, in 2010 & the student was not in the top 10 of the class. </p>

<p>Let's begin with a real world principle: there are two types of errors, errors of omission and errors of commission. And we want to avoid making either. If a school tells you what they would like, it is simply that - they are not telling you that you are obliged, or obligated to submit all results.</p>

<p>And remember, when this is all said and done - and the decisions are made, you do not want to have any regrets about what you chose or did not choose to report. </p>

<p>Since you believe that your ACT scores are a better reflection of your standardized test performance, you should submit those where ever possible. Many schools seem to take the ACT in lieu of the SAT. Schools even offer to take the ACT without SAT subject tests, while that same school also offers the option to submit both SAT and SAT subject tests.</p>

<p>Stick with using your ACT scores. It is a different test, and a different testing service.</p>

<p>Don't give a school a reason to rule you out due to a cutoff standardized test score, especially when you have one, or a series of tests that are better.</p>

<p>Complete the process having no regrets. You will feel better when things are all said and done.</p>

<p>"Would like" does not mean "you are obliged" or "obligated".</p>

<p>Remember, decide so that you have no regrets!</p>

<p>Happy Holidays and Good Luck!</p>

<p>Mr. VC</p>