Do I need to retake the GRE? How important is AW?

<p>Hey, I'm curious as to whether or not I should retake the GRE exam. Overall my scores weren't amazing. I managed a 161 on the VR, a 146 on the QR and a 3.5 on the AW. I'm graduating with a Liberal Arts degree, so I'm hoping that math won't play a huge part in my admittance to any colleges, my only real concern is the AW. While I'm not an amazing writer, I've always done well in any courses that require a lot of writing, usually managing an A or a B on most assignments. I was pretty surprised by how low of a score I got on the AW, after reading through a lot of the study materials it didn't seem like I had a chance of getting anything below a four. In fact most of the writing examples that were below a 4 were atrocious.
I'm aware that with scores like these I'm not going to get into Princeton or anything like that, but I am hoping to get into a school like FSU or UF. So what I'm wanting to know is, am I going to be considered for these kind of schools with these GRE scores? How much weight are they going to carry compared to my GPA and the college I'm graduating from? Thanks for any help.</p>

<p>Retake based on your quantitative score or writing depends on what type of school you want to get into. Sciences and engineering or any other quantitative based subject would likely want to see a higher quant score and english type programs a higher writing score</p>

<p>Well, I’m not going into a math or science program, I’d be going into a liberal arts program. Since I did good on the VR I’m just wondering how much the AW is going to drag me down, I mean it seems like it’s very dependent on whoever is grading it, so I’m not sure how much it really matters.</p>

<p>Nobody cares about AW, really. They’d much rather see a real writing sample.</p>