Do i need to rush my SAT scores?

<p>I'm applying to Stanford for Early Action. The deadline is Nov. 1 (postmarked). I took the SAT II's on October 14 and I'm retaking the SAT I on November 4. Does anyone know if either of these scores will be considered and if they need to be rushed?</p>

<p>november 4th one will probably not be counted, but the sat IIs will for sure
i dont think they want anything after the deadline</p>

<p>i called the addmissions office a while ago, they said that as far as the nov. scores go, if yours gets there by the time they read your app, lucky you. if not, then too bad.</p>

<p>When I called them, they said they wouldn't accept anything after nov 1. I don't know, I might just risk the money and rush it.</p>