Do I need to rush report sat scores to UCs?

<p>For the Dec 3 SAT, do I have to rush report SAT scores tomorrow so that it'll reach them in time, or is that not necessary? I'm getting mixed answers on line. :/</p>

<p>Just order regular delivery as soon as you get the score. You should not rush including because UCs state they do not want rush scores. Also, send to only one UC, others you applied to get it from that one.</p>

<p>I rush scored 2 days ago... So my score isn't there? they won't have it? wow... i payed 40 bucks for nothing and now i have to pay again for regular one!????</p>

<p>They will get the score and it will go in; that they don't want you doing it does not mean they will reject it. Also, what did you rush two days ago? The only thing that could have been ordered sent two days ago were prior scores and thus if you thought you were also ordering Dec score, it was not covered by any order you made two days ago.</p>