Do I need to send all college transcripts?

I went to a couple of community colleges over the years. One was a technical college I just went a semester of some classes that do not, will not, never will count towards anything at all. I applied at a couple schools and requested transcripts from the previous schools. I got over the cost of this meaningless semester at this school, so fine I have to order and pay for a transcript from there however many times.

Well the school went out of business years ago. It was 10+ years ago I attended. The school is part of another school system now. My other transcripts have been sent, this school I’m talking about still hasn’t sent my transcripts. It’s been almost two months. I’ve called the new college system it is a part of and just keep getting sent to some lady’s VM who never answers or returns my messages.

Do I really need to put this stupid complete waste of everything school information on future applications? My application to three schools has been held up for almost two months now waiting for this POS technical school that isn’t even the same school anymore to send my one semester of b.s. I took.

Yes, if the schools you are applying to transfer to require them, as not including them could be seen as intentionally falsifying your application by not including all of your prior coursework. Read through the admissions websites or contact the admissions office regarding transfer transcript requirements.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

Thanks, that helps. I was afraid that would be the answer. Is it normal to take this long to get a school to send a transcript?

I’ve requested transcripts from my CC multiple times (mostly by mail, but once electronically due to COVID) and it usually takes a few days for the order to be processed and mailed out. While I do not have experience with the situation you’re in, but I would recommend finding out if you can request transcripts (from the old CC) electronically (many schools have this option through their student portal, Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse etc.) There will likely be a payment, however.

Hope that helps!

Usually it is pretty quick to get transcripts, but there is a pandemic, so who knows where the records team actually is located right now. Also, they might require that you make the request in writing and need a real signature (or a scan of one). As suggested above, read the website carefully and see if there is a way to request the transcripts online. If you can’t find that, send them a certified letter with a return receipt and ask for your transcript. That way you will know that someone actually did receive your request.

Meanwhile, call the places that you have applied to. Speak with their admissions team about this unexpected delay. They will be able to tell you what you need to do in order to be considered for admission given that you are having difficulty with this transcript.

Do you have an unofficial transcript in your records anywhere? I’d definitely contact your schools, explain the situation, and give them everything you have. They may agree to waive the requirement in light of the circumstances, or at least extend the deadline to extract something from the existing school.