do i need to send SAt scores to UCs?

<p>and if so, do i need to send it to each school?</p>

<p>Yes, send one to each school; make sure you have already taken sat ii's :)</p>

<p>I just called UCLA and was told not to send in any test scores or transcripts until I was admitted.</p>

<p>I believe you must send SAT scores, but not test scores (AP) or transcripts</p>

<p>do you really have to take sat 2 math or can i send 3 other sat 2's :writing, french , world history??</p>

<p>For clarification, I'm answering if you are a freshmen NOT a transfer.. and that you are applying THIS Nov for fall 2005:</p>

<p>For SAT II's you need writing, a math (ic or iic) and a subject of your choice, so yes you need math</p>

<p>ok thanks. it's a pity I didnt find out earlier or I would have taken sat 2 math . It's too late now , right (for regular admission)?
what other schools require sat 2 math besides u virginia and carnegie mellon ?

<p>UC's accept december test scores, if you can do that, try standby maybe (don't know the process)</p>

<p>no, you don't need to send your scores in.</p>

<p>.... so whats the final verdict. do i have to send it in or not? we have several people saying send. several saying dont send.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you have to send in the SAT scores now. Dec scores are accepted. You still have until tomorrow to sign up. (Late fee is $20) but I hear standby fees are somewhere around $50 extra. And, yes, send to each school.</p>

<p>When in doubt, go to the horse's mouth. In talking about the SAT's in the Undergrad application instructions:</p>

<p>"You are responsible for making sure that the testing agencies report your scores directly tothe Admissions Office at each campus to which you apply. If you are applying for the fall term, the Admissions Offices MUST receive your test results from the agencies no later than the date in January when December test scores are normally reported."</p>