Do I need to study for SAT reading AND math?

I got a really good SAT math score on a recent SAT, but my reading is lower that I’d like and I think I can do better. The colleges I’m interested all seem to superstore, so should I even re-study for the math section, or just focus all efforts on the reading? I am taking the test in June btw.

Maybe just do the occasional Math practice test to keep your testing skills sharp. Even with a superscore the schools will likely see all your scores in the mix. If your math score dips a bit it’s no problem but better too keep it to a level that doesn’t raise eyebrows.

For ERW, I recommend Erica Meltzer’s books…she has guides for both the SAT and ACT. She actually helped design past tests so she knows her stuff.

Yes I bought both of her books! I bought a used reading one and I think it really has helped so I went ahead and bought the grammar one too, though I might not actually use that one.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll probably refresh with Khan a week or two before the test. But is it really that bad to have a math score, say 50 points lower?

You want to get a similar or higher score if at all possible. I recommend practicing regularly.

Actually, they probably won’t. Every AO I’ve spoken with have said superscoring is automated (or done by a clerk in very few cases).

AOs have so many applications to look at that they aren’t tasked with wasting time doing this. Almost all schools electronically download data from CB to update admissions files, and superscoring is part of this automated process.