do i need to submit my AP scores

<p>I had several AP scores in my junior year, do i need to submit them from collegeboard to schools in order to be considered valid?
a lot of schools ask for what AP tests you took and how much you got, do i need to submit every schools?
i believe schools have access to our scores any way because the northwestern intergretation program emailed me and said " we had access to your science scores and think that you %<em>^^</em>", so the question is , still, do i need to submit them</p>

<p>( they are considered expensive to me since i am applying to 13 schools of which i need to submit TOelf, SAT)</p>

<p>There are a handful of colleges that will accept your AP scores in lieu of SAT scores (I or II's) and for those the official scores are required. No other colleges require AP scores for admission. However, if your scores are good, they may help at many high ranked colleges towards admission. Nevertheless, you can just send to them a copy of the scores you received (official scores can be sent later, after you are admitted, if you want to get college credit). Colleges generally do not have access to your AP scores unless you send them. What you mentioned results from promotional access. On the applications, you are told that the testing agency will share scores to companies that may use them for recruiting; you can choose not to allow that. What then happens is that scores go to companies that prepare llists of applicants and scores that they provide to colleges and some others for recruiting purposes. Colleges then use those lists to target recrutiting material to those they would like to apply. However, you should assume that colleges do not use or even refer to that information for admission purposes. They go by what is in your application file only and it is simply too much of a bother and waste of time and money for them to also check and match to applications all the promotion lists they got.</p>

<p>Another AP Question: If I did not send my junior year scores to my college because I was unsure where I'd be applying, but send my senior year scores to my school when I take the AP tests, will asll the scores be sent like the SAT?</p>

<p>unless you are sending AP scores in lieu of required SAT scores, don't waste your money to send the AP scores. Just list the AP class and scores in the 'Other' section of the app. It's an honor system. Obviously, if you fib, and are accepted, your acceptance will be rescinded once the true scores are sent in the summer.</p>

<p>Yes, all AP scores go to the school, unless you pay extra to suppress an individual score. So, if say, you received a 2 on a test, which is of no help anywhere, pay the extra money and CB will not send that score.</p>

<p>Thanks. I don't want to hide any of my scores, I just didn't want to pay extra to send my junior year scores if they would be sent along with my senior year scores.</p>

<p>okay, so if you have a 3 on one test, will it hurt you alot?</p>

<p>depends on the school. Most publics will give credit for a 3; I know the UC's will. However, most kids applying to HYPS et al, have mostly 5's and some 4', a 3 is of no help, so I'd suggest leaving it off.</p>

<p>Actually a weird thing happend to me while applying to Carnegie Mellon U. was that they actually saw all my scores whether i sent them or not. And yeah i didnt wnat to send any of my ap scores cause i didnt score over 3 on all of them but they saw them anyways</p>

<p>destiny: does you HS put the scores on your transcript? Did you mark down CMU when you completed the AP registration paperwork (you are allowed one 'free' school report). Otherwise, CB doesn't send them out -- score reporting is a money maker for them!</p>

<p>good point.... i really dont know what was on my transcripts actually because my guidance counselor just sent out the school report on the day of the deadline. And no i didnt know if id be accpted into cmu so i didnt send them through the AP papers. But it very well could have been sent by my guidance counselor beucause on common app i did not mark them down.</p>

<p>To: bluebayou</p>

<p>Regarding -- "most publics" will accept 3's --- not necessarily true. Penn State University, for example, will accept only the score of 5 for the Computer Science A test -- 3's and 4's are not accepted for credit. </p>

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<p>General Comment -- My daughter received a significant amount of letters from Universities commending her on her AP Scholar status. Although they are not required in the admissions material ...I think they are reviewed by admissions counselors when they are making decisions. They are definitely used in the student search process by the colleges.</p>