Do I need to take the math SAT II?

<p>I've taken World History, taking US and literature tomorrow... I took APES this year, and haven't looked at chem in a really long time, so I can't really take a science subject test. I've know that some colleges do require a math subject test- but for those that don't, will it look bad if I only submit the others?
I'm not planning on pursuing anything math-related as a career... I want to major in something in the humanities- sociology, public policy, etc.</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>Also, I did well on my SAT critical reading- 770 on the first attempt. 800 on writing, but I don't think that's related to the lit test. Actually, I'm not sure if CR is related either, but...</p>


<p>No. .</p>

<p>You don't have to take the Math to look good to schools that don't care about it. If they say they want subject test scores and don't clarify which type, then I wouldn't worry.</p>