Do I need to wear dreads to go to Bard?

<p>I toured Bard this april and it has the programs I'm looking for, specifically film and theater. I consider myself quite liberal and I'd like your insights into the real experience at Bard... is it as hippy and "out there" as I've heard? Will kids judge me for listening to mainstream music or watching Lost? HELP</p>

<p>P.S. I'm fine with the stoner reputation</p>

<p>Other Schools I'm applying to, for reference:
Conn College
St. lawrence

<p>The real common denominator of your schools is their percentage of wealthy kids. These kids get their dreads at their family's winter homeon Jamaica. They will be into the french look after Thanksgiving in Paris. With the bad economy, they are wealthier than ever. Always creates an interesting dynamic.</p>

<p>Well you're not watching Lost any more, because it's over. T-T</p>

<p>I would /guess/ that there are music snobs at any school that will make fun of you if you listen exclusively to the top-40, but that as long as you're not way vocal about your love for Britney and Kesha, you'll be fine. No idea though, really.</p>

<p>you will be fine, but you should post this on the Bard forum where you will get more people who go / have kids at the school.</p>