Do I Qualify for a Fee Waiver?

My counselor says that I do not qualify for reduced or free lunch, so I can’t get a fee waiver from my school. However, the Common App has a list of things that make you eligible for application fee waivers, including receiving public assistance. I don’t know what public assistance is, but my mother was on disability for years and is recently unemployed. She gets her income from social security. Does this count as public assistance?

Public assistance is also called welfare. It would include SNAP (Food stamps), AFDC etc. Social Security retirement benefits are not considered public assistance. Neither are unemployment benefits.

What is your FAFSA EFC?

@TomSrOfBoston I actually don’t know because my counselor told me not to fill out my FASFA until late October. Is there a way I can figure it out on my own?

@TomSrOfBoston With the information that I’m aware of, my EFC is ~$25,000.

Thanks for the link @MWolf

Just picking this back up because I have new information. The deposits I receive in my high school checking account are either SSI or SSDI direct deposits. I looked on a website that said these are considered public assistance. Does anyone know if that technically means I’m eligible for a fee waiver?

If your family’s only income is SSI/Disability, you may qualify for free or reduced lunch. That is based on earned income and your family may not have any. Go to the website for your school and have your parent fill out the form. That could open you up for other benefits too, and perhaps simplified assets when filing out the FAFSA.

You can also ask the schools for a waiver.

@twoinanddone Thanks so much! I’m gonna search my school site right now.