DO i say homecoming king?

I recently was crowned homecoming king at my high school; do you think it would sound arrogant or unnecessary if I put it in my honors/adwards won on my resume?

<p>lol.... what is a homecoming king anyway? we dont have that up in Canada</p>

<p>I would say no. This is a resume for colleges I assume? For me.... I equate homecoming king with the dumb jock type. And for virtually everyone except for the person who was king/queen, there's probably some bitterness towards the king/queen.</p>

<p>Hm... sure, it's a distinction definitely. If the rest of your application conveys you as an extremely intellectual type, something like homecoming king may offset it. But if the rest of your essay represents you as the typical, jock-y, "popular", high school boy, this is only going to bring your application down further.</p>

<p>I would. It shows you're likeable.</p>

<p>no, its more of a popularity contest than a real honor</p>

<p>yea, it only shows you were more popular than someone else, and i doubt popularity always equals likability</p>

<p>homecoming king is usually a joke at our school.</p>

<p>lol homecoming king isnt really an honor.....if u have no other awards/honors to put on ur application then go ahead but it might actually make u look stupid since colleges arent going to see it as an honor...more of a "people love me and im an arrogant bastard" kinda person</p>

<p>Definitely don't. It's worthless and frivolous and I'm doubt admissions would every consider it.</p>

<p>I have other awards such as National and Math Honor Societies and some other awards I have won in business competitions. </p>

<p>I was just asking because I dont fit the jock-type at all; i dont even play a sport for the school.</p>

<p>You obviously know that, and feel that the HC King might show how diverse and well likes you are, but I'm not sure that admissions, who have never seen you or heard of you will understand. They might accept it, or they might look at it as somebody placing too much emphasis on popularity or trying to fill in their app. with stuff to make themselves look good and don't have anything real. Then again, they might see it as a judge of your character. I would say that you're better off leaving it out.</p>

<p>hM... I personally don't have SUCH negative feelings toward homecoming kings and queens. Sure, most of them are won out of popularity, but there are a rare few that receive it because they are sociable and well-liked. It's something interesting. Esp if you're applying to schools like MIT or Harvard where not a lot of homecoming kings and queens usually apply ;)</p>

<p>I actually asked the same question a few weeks ago. ( well I wasn't king/queen, but I was on court) Some responses:</p>

<p>"I don't see anything wrong with putting that on your application. It indicates that you are well liked. "</p>

<p>"For one, I specifically remember an MIT dean of admissions mentioning that you SHOULD put homecoming elections on your app, as it shows that you are personable and sociable on top of your academics. "</p>


<p>"Unless you have absolutely no more room after listing your many and varied Nobel prizes, I vote for put it on there! But... I wouldn't send a leftover campaign button with your face on it... unless you are applying to a strong Theater program!" </p>

<p>"Congratulations! I definitely would put it on your app. It might help illustrate that you are a kid with a personality and not just some grind. To be well-liked enough to be selected by an entire school says a lot about your ability to get along with others. By the way, an MIT brochure highlights one of their students who is a beauty queen!"</p>

<p>So I also say go for it, worst case is it doesn't help and I doubt it would hurt. </p>

<p>( to read the whole post, go to the September 2004 Archives of the Admissions section of the old forum. The title was " Homecoming Court on App?"</p>

<p>Of course you should put it in. Colleges are interested in more than simply academic awards and honors.</p>

<p>And if in addition to academic awards/honors you won Homecoming King, you are demonstrating that you are very personable as well as smart.</p>

<p>Putting down "Homecoming King" on your application or resume is no more arrogant than listing any other honor that you've won.</p>

<p>Darn, everyone finally got to my answer before I did. </p>

<p>Put it in! It's great, and congrats to you.</p>