Do I spend too much time for studying? Am I suffering stress?

This is my first year college. I’m taking 4 classes. I usually studying at home or library from 3pm-7pm then 9-11pm. on weekends,I spend more than this. I have started this way for 1.5 months. Then my problem appeared. I cant remember what I read or learn. 3 days, 5 days, a week and then forget anything. I recently could not remember where my keys are. Forget wallet. I dont work. Just study at school,then at home then at school…
Do you think I spend too much time for studying? Am I suffering stress?anything wrong with me? I cant figure it out.
Last year, I felt good when I was taking ESL classes. Then I feel I’m lost in the first year college.

It sounds like you need some outside help and an academic community. Does your school have a tutoring center where you could get some help studying for your classes? You might also check with your school’s academic advisors to see if there are any study groups you could join–or just see if there are any students in your classes who might want to study with you once or twice a week.

It seems strange to have to ask someone else if you are stressed. Emotionally, are you miserable? Are you studying to learn the material, or do you stare at your books terrified of getting a bad grade? Are you unhappy or unmotivated?

Even if you are not stressed, it sounds like you are overworked. @classicalmama’s suggestions may be helpful to figure out how to balance studying with taking care of yourself. One thing I worry about from your description is if you are getting enough sleep. It’s hard to learn if you don’t sleep. Remember to take breaks as you work, too.

You are definitely not alone. Many students including me, have very similar issues.

I wrote down ALL of my symptoms and complaints and issues on a piece of paper (filled both sides lol).

My local CC has a “learning assistance program.” I took the paper to the first of several appointments. The counselor was good at just listening to me and letting me figuratively cry on her shoulder. It really helped.Then they put me thru a bunch of standardized tests to see if I have a learning disorder. I scored 1 stinkin point above the threshold to qualify as NOT having a disorder.

I’m doing better but I still struggle terribly with remembering stuff I learned in my classes.

Does your local CC have any resources like this available? Or see if something similar somewhere is offered. I had to swallow my pride and look to get me some help. But it shows that you are smart enough to ask for assistance when you need it.

I feel like I know your struggle because I have it too, so I have special interest in seeing a struggling student turn their situation around and be successful. You can totally do it. You might not know it, but way deep in you is strength; Tap into it to get you closer to turning this around.

Updated proof:

I have spent the last 6 weeks busting my ass in Business Calculus. Morning, noon and night.

Today was the 1st exam and I failed it BADLY. Could only answer 5 out of 17 problems. My brain is just not working like it should!