Do I stand a chance???

<p>Hi, :)
I'm going to be Junior in high school (2011-2012) in a few days when school starts. Do I have a chance of getting into Harvard or any other ivy league?
here's my info:</p>

<p>-3.81 unweighted gpa
-4.1 core gpa
-4.5 weighted gpa
-right now i have 448 community service hours, but by the end of hs I'll probably have about 600-800.
-Haven't taken sat yet, but possible scores of 2000-2400
-NHS, Spanish honor society, french club, first priority
-sophmore year 1 AP(spanish), taking 3 this year; english, spanish lit,intro to shakespear(really it's dual enrollment)
-also doing dual enrollement(was accepted) this year.
-have taken lots of honor classes. this year it's all honors and ap's except french II.</p>

<p>I think that's it... thank you lots!</p>

<p>From what I've heard so far you probably have like a 5% chance if you do good on the SAT(2300-2400) or something, I mean, I am bad at chancing since I need help chancing myself, but personally I don't think your profile's better than mine and I probably won't be able to get in with my stats...</p>

<p>I wasn't trying to depress you and put you down or anything, it's only my opinion...
Like what the other "experts" said, Harvard admission's pretty unpredictable... so good luck! Hope we both get in :D</p>

<p>not with a 2000 SAT</p>

<p>Are those volunteer hours all from High School!? What did you do that consisted of 448 hours in only two years?</p>

<p>Leadership positions are important. Most, if not all, colleges look for leadership positions that... it doesn't guarantee a spot for you but it places you in a much higher percentage of acceptance than one who doesn't have any leadership positions. If by senior year, you will have leadership positions in your various clubs, that would make your prospect better. Of course, like the first person said, Ivy League application processes are unpredictable. Some people with awesome test scores, awesome grades, awesome resumes, and awesome awards are denied while others with semi-awesome test scores, pretty good grades, not as awesome resumes, and one or two awards are admitted into the colleges.</p>

<p>Hi, This is my junior year schedule:
AP Biology
AP Lang
AP US History
AP Economics
AP Calc AB/BC (counts for 2)
Honors Spanish IV

<p>I am worried that competitive colleges will see newspaper as a blow off class even though at my school it is like a real working bussiness...Help!</p>

<p>You are taking enough AP Classes. Besides, colleges don't want to see that you are only focused on getting into college; they also want to see you participate and excel in the activities you love and if journalism is something that you love then that's good for you and you shouldn't worry about it :)</p>