Do I stand a chance???

<p>Hi, :)
I'm going to be Junior in high school (2011-2012) in a few days when school starts. Do I have a chance of getting into princetonor any other ivy league?
here's my info:</p>

<p>-3.81 unweighted gpa
-4.1 core gpa
-4.5 weighted gpa
-right now i have 448 community service hours, but by the end of hs I'll probably have about 600-800.
-Haven't taken sat yet, but possible scores of 2000-2400
-NHS, Spanish honor society, french club, first priority
-sophmore year 1 AP(spanish), taking 3 this year; english, spanish lit,intro to shakespear(really it's dual enrollment)
-also doing dual enrollement(was accepted) this year.
-have taken lots of honor classes. this year it's all honors and ap's except french II.</p>

<p>I think that's it... thank you lots!</p>