do i stand a chance

<p>Hi i applied to ucf fgcu and fiu do i stand a chance to get in to any of these schools my recalculated gpa is a 3.03 and i have a sat score of 430 cr 500 math and 400 writing i know that i would have to take remediation classes because of my sat score in reading do i have any chance or am i probably gonna have to go to broward college and get my aa and then transfer thanks again for your replys.</p>

<p>The median scores of admitted students at UCF are 580-600-555 with a 3.72 GPA. At FIU, it's 575-560-555 with a 3.7. This look a little more accessible at FGCU: 505-520-505 with a 3.35. FGCU's 25h percentile on the SAT is 460-470-450, but you're slightly under that. It'll be good to know your options at Broward and inquire about what you'll need to earn there for transferring.</p>

<p>FGCU- you will get accepted, no doubt. FIU-50/50 chance, wouldn't hurt to apply. UCF- strongly recommend earning your AA at a state/community college before applying. Good Luck! :-)</p>

<p>Source: I'm a student at FGCU & FIU and a current UCF applicant.</p>