Do I Stand a Chance?

<p>So I've received my transcript and scores and as a Junior I am now thinking about college. I wanna try to study Architecture or Engineering so Cornell, Rice and Cooper Union really interest me. Here are my stats, is Cornell even within the realm of possibility for me? Or should I just forget about it and move on?</p>

<p>SAT (1st Try)
Total : 2050
CR: 720
M: 740
W: 590
I bombed my writing really hard, as a French-Canadian I moved to Texas in 8th grade and basically skipped all Grammar lessons. I basically self-taught myself English. I plan on retaking the SAT one more time in May tho.</p>

Unweighted : 3.83/4.0
Weighted : 5.0/6.0
I have taken all Pre-AP ( My schools doesn't offer "Honors" so I am assuming this is the equivalent) and AP class throughout my school career.
I will finish High School with a total of
10 Pre-AP Class
10 Ap Class</p>

<p>Class Rank : 23/435</p>


<p>NHS Officer
Varsity Football ( 3 Years )
Varsity Track ( 2 Years )
Varsity Powerlifting ( 3 Years)
Young Politician of America
100-ish Volunteer Hours
I know my ECs are kinda lacking, but it's all 3 sports require a lot of time commitment</p>

<p>Thank You for your time and please be brutally honest.</p>

<p>Cornell only looks at math and critical reading, so you are much better off in that regard!</p>

<p>it will be a pretty big reach but it is reasonable.</p>

<p>SATs are not bad at all, especially considering that it was your first try and Cornell only looks at CR and M. GPA is not the best, but it seems like you have taken hard classes, so that should be fine.
I think in order to increase your odds, you will need some type of leadership in your ECs. Perhaps you will become captain of one of your sports teams next year? That would help a lot</p>

<p>If you apply ED, write good essays and nail the SAT II's (which you have to take for engineering) it'll be a solid reach.</p>