Do I still have a chance to get admitted to UC Irvine?

Hey guys, I’m a bit worried about my situation right now. I’m a third year transfer student at Diablo Valley College looking to transfer to UC Irvine for the Informatics major for fall 2021. On assist, it states I need 4 programming classes, and 1 stats class. I have 2 of the programming classes completed and I WAS taking the third one this semester. However due to various reasons I had to drop that class. Now I’m contemplating whether I should continue with this major or not. If I continued I would be taking the last 2 programming classes together next semester along side stats. However I heard from various posts that UC’s only look at classes you took up to fall semester. If that is correct, do I even have a chance getting admitted having dropped the third programming class this semester. I’m extremely worried because UC Irvine is my dream school and I LOVE the major. Any advice would be helpful!