do i still have a chance to get into Stern ED International

<p>Hey! can you guys chance me for NYU Stern. Im a canadian student, and i just applied ED. After i got my ACT back. i just felt that i wouldn't get in, not even a remote chance. Anyways, nothing to lose. Just want to know how NYU will evaluate my application package.
Asian/ Chinese F
My academics are that strong
ACT: 27 (I know its faw below average, but since the score was already sent to NYU. I cant do anything with it)
SAT2: Math Level 2: 800
Mandarin: 800 ( I guess, i dunt know, but it was pretty easy)
We dont have GPA stuff in Canada. my average is low too. like 84, but my school is a well-known public school. Seriously, 80% of kids are asian, too smart!! Can't compete with them. but i guess i m still in top 15%.
Our school is an art school, so we don't have either IB or AP courses. </p>

<p>Ref: 2 (guidance counsellor and advance function teacher) Extra: 1 from the Provincial Minister of Culture and Tourism. the other 1 from a Harvard assistant professor<br>
Championship in 2011 Canadian National. (Table tennis Under 18 Provincial team member) only 4 are selected from each province. i dunt know if this would help for me.
Math Club - President
Volunteer for the Minister of tourism and Culture of Ontario for 3 years
Mandarin Club Vice-President
Academic Contest Club - Vice president
My table tennis club - Assistant Coach
Gavel Club - Treasurer and board of directors
Table Tennis Training Camp -i ll just elaborate a little on this. I went back to a Professional Table Tennis Team in China during my grade 10 summer. In the Round-Robin tournament, i competed with the Olympics Champion. and this is how i lost weight, 10 pounds! Totally worth it.~~ :)
School Volunteer (Parents' night, University Night, Registration Day)
Did a research project with a Harvard assistant professor ( i dunt know if this would look better)
Unionville Home Society (Volunteer 3 years)
School band (Clarinet) </p>

<p>Do we actually need a lot of activities? cuz i saw other people has like tons of it. Its like full of the whole page. i just put ones that i think might help me. OHHHH. almost forgot,
my common application essay is on table tennis and math
supplements are pretty good, i think, from my own perspective :) </p>

<p>I have some other questions, if my academics, as you guys can see, are not that strong, actually really bad, would NYU just eliminate me? Also do they have like a percentage for international students each year? especially Canadians? Since i already applied to ED, would this be an advantage for me, becuz i know i m the only one in my school applied to ED. would NYU Stern compare me with others like IB students from Canada as well? Sorry i know its really lengthy, but just give me some suggestions. Thank you so much!</p>