Do I still have a good chance getting in?

<p>Ok so I had a fairly bad semester this fall, and my gpa was already low. I have a 3.21 right now, and I finished two of my finals and have one to go. I got an A in my geology class for sure already, and I finished my bio final last thursday and I felt pretty confident but I have to wait and see if I got that A. I can’t go anything below a B in my bio class. Unfortunately the highest grade I can get in my economics class is a C, and I really suck at it. So the grades I need to keep my TAG with Davis are A,A,C. What I fear is getting a B in biology, which would drop my gpa below a 3.21. If my gpa drops, and I lose my TAG with davis, will I still have a good chance of getting in? My major is Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning which is in the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences department.</p>

<p>dude give us some more info. are you a senior? if so I'm not sure if it matters. if you are a junior, GET A TUTOR and get those grades up so you have a chance :)</p>

<p>I'm a junior transfer student</p>

<p>He is a transfer. But yeah, i'm not completely sure what your chances are, but what i can tell you is that Davis was very forgiving with the TAG in my situation. I messed up and got a D in college algebra. Davis still upheld the TAG after i passed statistics the spring semester before i transferred. The only thing is that i'm not sure how impacted environmental Policy Analysis and Planning is. If its not impacted, i think you have a good chance of getting in, if its is, then you will have a tough time. Either way, good luck, and i hope you did good on your finals!</p>

<p>Ok so I definitely lost my TAG. I got B in biology class, an A in geology, and a D in economics :(. B A D. Even my transcript mocks me. There goes my admission to ANY of the UC's for that matter. At least I can cry in a dark corner now for the rest of the winter break without worrying about school.</p>

<p>Don't give up, even if you don't make it into Davis, you will prob make it to UCR,UCSC, or UCM with a 3.0.</p>

<p>I didn't apply to those schools because they didn't have my major, so there's pretty much nothing else left for me.</p>