Do i take SAT or SAT subject test?

So my problem is that I have taken the SAT twice. First time I got a 1020 and didn’t do so well on my essays. Second time I took on June I got 1050 and improved my essays at a point I’m alright with. However I have no Sat subject scores.

The reason is because by the time I registrared for the June SAT, the 2 days before my school informed us to sign up for the SAT subject scores, which I really had no clue existed along with a lot of other friends. You are not allowed to take both tests on same day.

I have tried to take the Subject test in August but all schools were already full by the time I tried to register.

My school will have the Sat in October and I’m not sure if I should go and bump my score of 1050 or take a SAT subject test. Any advice?

It really depends on which college you want to apply to, I think. If the college you want to go (or any safety colleges) requires the SAT subject test, then even if you get a 1600 on your next normal SAT, you don’t have a subject test score to apply with. But if you’re applying to a college that doesn’t require SAT subject tests, then in my opinion, I think you should try to improve your normal SAT score and try to get the best chance possible. Take a look at the college requirements and see what they require.

A 1050 on the SAT generally puts you out of the running for all/most schools that require the subject tests anyway.

Take the SAT test in October and take the Subject tests in November unless you plan to apply to any ED/EA schools. The November subject tests hould be available for many schools that have later deadlines.

Definitely want to bump up your SAT scores but it really depends upon which schools you are targeting.