Do I withdraw?

Hello! I left a post here about a month ago about my situation and received great responses, I’m just still struggling. This post is longer than I wanted it to be but I have a lot to cover.

I’m currently failing my online physics lecture (3 credits) and lab (1 credit). I understand the concepts, and I enjoy it, but I cannot do the actual problem-solving. Math is something that has always been difficult for me, and it’s been a year since I’ve taken pre-cal. I have ADD and executive dysfunction, which caused me to crash and burn my freshman year at Seattle University. I failed one class, got C’s in two others, and I was such a mess before coming home that we had to change my flight to a later date. I came home and enrolled in the court reporting program at community college, thinking that I could pay my way through university working as a court reporter. I dropped that program after one semester because the machine shorthand class was too fast-paced (finished with a D and two A’s). I enrolled in a multidisciplinary AA, which I’m close to finishing. The only credit I’m worried about right now is my second science credit.

I have all A’s in my current program, except for a B in pre-cal and a B in geology. I have finished all my transfer applications for the Fall, and I’m really hoping to get into one of the women’s colleges (partially because they cover 100% of needed aid). Yes, they’re incredibly selective, but I’m crossing my fingers. I want to double-major in Film Studies and History.

I don’t know what to do about my physics class at this point. I feel disappointed in myself. I let myself fall behind in my work. I want to withdraw and retake it over the summer, but my family suggested getting a private tutor and trying to pass the class. I emailed my professor and asked if I have enough assignments left to pass the class and am waiting to hear back from her. I’m personally fine with either option, withdrawing or working to pass, but which option looks better to an admissions committee?

I should mention that I have had neurofeedback to treat the ADD and executive dysfunction, and both have improved, I just haven’t kept up with it as I should. I still struggle with it and I do feel that it is the primary cause of my failure in this physics class - I believe I’d be able to work through it if I was able to focus and get it done.

I appreciate your responses!

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If you aren’t going to pass this class with at least a C, you should drop it. W is preferable to D or F

You have found that math is a big factor for this specific science course, so think long and hard before taking it again. Take a different science class that doesn’t require as much math.