Do Indians count as Asians?

<p>Sounds like a weird question I know but whenever i put Asian down in any sort of document which requires race, the person looks at me and goes you don't look Asian. Is it the same way for colleges ? What are asians considered, Chinese,japanese,korean etc or does Indian count as part of the Asian demographic also? Just wondering because i am Indian myself and i'm applying to schools such as NYU, UPenn and wondering if they look at me as Asian or Indian</p>

<p>Asian, well south asian, but its all under the asian category. Unfortunately most people dont know india is in asia.</p>

<p>Your assumption is correct: Indian = Asian for college admissions. The people who have said "you don't look Asian" obvious don't encounter many S Asians at all.</p>

<p>what about middle eastern? i put other...</p>

<p>I think middle eastern falls under Caucasian.</p>

<p>Southeast Asian</p>

<p>you could always specify further in the app.</p>

<p>Yes. Indians count as Asians.</p>

<p>I don't know why this topic is even being debated at all...It's not like race is something one can control. However, just for the record, the Middle East is also technically in Asia. My parents come from a Middle Eastern-border-country. I definitely don't consider myself Caucasian. I just selected "other" for race and put down the country.</p>

<p>Whatever. I don't think it matters, anyway. I also think that for people on this site especially, after being rejected from a school, race becomes something to lament instead of some other factor that could have kept that student out of a school. Chill out, everyone! :)</p>

<p>You can check whatever box you want man. Middle Easterners fall under Caucasians though. I can see how you would not want to group yourself in that category, but that's just the way it is.</p>

<p>just don't check the box</p>

<p>India is a country in Asia. Go figure</p>

<p>Is India in Asia?</p>

<p>Then you should be able to figure out whether an Indian would also be an Asian.</p>

<p>India recently applied to be its own continent.</p>

<p>So you'd have Eurasidia</p>