Do international students have a higher acceptance rate?

I’m curious. At some universities, like the University of Auckland where I studied, it seems that international students have a higher likelihood of getting accepted. Their tuition fees are significantly higher than those of domestic students, and most can’t avail of student loans. When the abilities, scores, and other requirements of students are comparable, does their status as international or domestic make a difference in acceptance? I understand that this might not be the case for top-tier prestigious institutions.

International students applying to colleges in the United States have LOWER acceptance rates than those who are U.S. citizens…overall.

@MYOS1634 perhaps you can shed some light on colleges in other countries?

@Sheepforest why are you asking this question?

Just curious whether this will be a factor to consider for applying masters oversea. The trend is extremely obvious in NZ. More than half are international students in BAS at UoA.

but I guess it wont apply to those prestigious Universities since there is more demand

Where will you be applying? In the United States…or where?

I imagine it depends on the school. Many colleges can charge more of info students. Even some elite names may be need aware for Intl.

So some may have a higher acceptance rate. Don’t know. But one student posting here was turned down at Rollins but they said - if you commit to this price, we’ll change our mind.

Not sure how grad school is impacted.

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