Do Interviews really matter?

Hello guys! As the title stated does it really matter? I am really nervous because I did not do so well on it. After I told the interviewer my brother attends Exeter, the interviewer became really uninterested. Along with that, the second I walked in, she was on her phone, and it seemed as if she was sorta forced to do the interview. I really want to attend this school (Andover) for grade 10. I have a myriad amount of ECs, unique activities, good grades, did well on my application ,and got a 92%. Please leave down any suggestions or thoughts below. Thank you!

Interviews are very important as, along with your essays, adds a ‘human’ value to your application.
Andover AO might have been disinterested bc of your sibling connection to Exeter. Did you make it abundantly clear that you prefer Andover over Exeter? Bc Andover might be worried about yield or the such…

I did tell her that I love the school and things were going well until I brought up the fact that my brother goes to Exeter. Things went quite downhill from there. Is there anything I can do about this situation? I really would like to attend Andover instead of Exeter

Maybe it is not what you said but how you sad it. We know many families with kids at both schools. It is really not that uncommon. The schools are quite different as you know.

I understand but it’s just odd how everything was going well until I brought up that fact. I am just hoping it doesn’t affect my chances as I really want to attend Andover

I don’t think the school would reject you for having a sibling that goes to another school, especially after you demonstrated interest. Worst comes worst, what can the interviewer really say about the fact that your brother goes to another school? She can’t really be like “Yeah this student is great and has alot of interest in going here, but her/his brother goes to another school so we should reject him/her”

Thank you for your response. The point of trying to make is I believe that might have caused the interview to go sour toward the end, and I’m just afraid that this experience might cost me a spot for Andover

Why not consider handwriting a note displaying your interest in Andover? Use examples that show that you are a better fit there.

Yeild does matter to these schools! If Andover is definitely your first choice- and your parent(s) are onboard, I would advise you to write a first choice letter. It can be addressed to the AO you met with, or click onto their admissions page. Look for the name of your regional rep- usually found under their bio’s. Send them an email indicating that Andover is your first choice, despite having a family member at Exeter, and that if you were to be accepted you would absolutely attend. The two schools have their differences- I personally would try to speak to why Andover is a better fit for YOU. ( programs, general atmosphere, classes…) A first choice letter won’t save you if your stats don’t meet the schools standards- but it could save you from a waitlist if they think you won’t attend bc of your brother.

Thank you so much for your response. I will write a letter as soon as I have a chance, but are you sure I should sent it to my interviewer?

Yea directly to your interviewer would be my opinion.

I think that yes interviews do matter, but you can tell a lot about the school from the interview and interviewer… if your interviewer from the gibing felt rushed and as if she didn’t want to be there, that could be a reflection of the school. Are you applying to any others?

What happens if you sent in your paperwork but your interview has not happened on the 2/1 deadline? Or are there schools that don’t need interviews upfront? Due to a twist in events we are doing everything now.