Do Ivy League Schools Know (tell)

<p>each other who they admitted (ED, EA, RD) and who is on their waitlists?</p>

<p>I pretty sure the admission committees at each school do not tell each other who they admitted or WL.</p>

<p>Allegedly the Ivies sometimes, not always, tell each other whom they accepted ED or EA, no else communication takes place.</p>

<p>What I've heard the EA/ED decisions communication is the only communication between the Ivies except the annual conference meeting they do. Imagine yourself being at this conference, they chitchat a bit and have a good time. They are not talking about their most accomplished students or rambling acceptance lists.</p>

<p>behind closed doors</p>

<p>Thank you all!</p>

<p>I was trying to figure out some unusual admissions results: SCEA students rejected by all other ivy leagure schools.</p>

<p>^probably very few, if any. I have known some students accepted SCEA by one college not to apply to any others, but the ones who do apply elsewhere have tended to get admitted. In my daughter's class, two kids were admitted to Harvard SCEA, and two to Yale. One of the Yales did not apply elsewhere, the other applied to Harvard. Both of the Harvard kids applied to a whole bunch of colleges, including MIT, Yale, Penn, Princeton, Columbia, and Stanford (one of them). Princeton rejected both Harvard SCEAs, but all other colleges accepted all of the SCEAs who applied. That was four years ago. There was only one case in my son's class two years ago, but he (Harvard SCEA) was accepted at Stanford, the only school to which he applied RD.</p>