Do Ivy Leagues care if you're not in NHS?

<p>I was invited to the program today, but at least at my school, it's a whole lot of work just for a title, no service or anything. If I have all the credentials an NHS student would have, but not the official NHS sticker on my application, is there a difference?</p>

<p>Unless you're commitment and involvement shows, then there's no difference really.</p>

<p>No NHS is a joke.</p>

<p>NHS is a joke almost always</p>

<p>Haha, I am in it and forgot to write it down on my resume :P, we have never had any meetings...</p>

<p>Do a search on NHS and you'll see a similar thread amongst all the posts...</p>

<p>I think it is a good thing to have, especially if you become an officier and invovled in a lot activities. The NHS president in your school is probably as good a resume builder as any other club president.</p>

<p>I took care to NOT mention I was in NHS in my apps because I didn't want to look like a giant college whore.</p>

<p>My son chose Science National Honor Society instead. He's a math and science kid so he thought this was a much more valuable experience. Why not do both? He has one other EC that burns 20+hrs/week. He doesn't want to commit to a club simply to put the name down and never do anything.
If you can show that you made a significant impact than it's worth it... otherwise there are probably clubs that are more specific to your interests that you can show some real interest and ability in.</p>

<p>What the hell is the NHS?</p>



<p>national honors societyy</p>

<p>Hmm. Seems like a clear consensus.
Is there any HS where NHS is a meaningful activity?</p>

<p>Many kids see the only benefit is that you get to wear the gold rope around your neck at graduation. </p>

<p>At our school, it has become a huge community service organization.</p>

<p>National Honor Society is of no value for college admission purposes.</p>

<p>Being in it probably doesn't help, but being in it and actually doing something worthwhile might be.</p>


<p>NHS is bull*&^%. Anything else?</p>

<p>What if there are actually lots of activities associated with it at your school like volunteering projects? After I joined, I helped set up a blood drive, relay for life team, etc. through it.</p>

<p>for the past two years, the NHS presidents from my school have gone to harvard and stanford.</p>

<p>Our NHS president a couple of years ago went to Dartmouth.
The NHS is a huge community service organization in our school. Membership is selective. Members have to volunteer certain number of hours a year to maintain their status.
So if you are the NHS President of your school, and organized a lot of activities to help the community, I bet the Ivies will pay attention to it.</p>