Do Ivy Leagues not care that much about a perfect on ACT?

<p>I have received a composite score of 36 on the ACT,
but I've been doing terrible with my SAT I's and have only gotten 2140.
(Reading-710, Math-770, Writing-660<--ugh I don't know what happened)
I have also taken 3 SAT II subject tests and have gotten 780 and 800 on two of them and only kind of bombed one of them.</p>

<p>So my question is, although I'm planning on retaking my SAT I, should I just send out my ACT score to the colleges (considering that the ivies will definitely be in there)?
Or will the colleges get suspicious about why I sent them an ACT and SAT II subject tests but not SAT I?
And does the 36 not look as good as maybe a 2300+ or a perfect on the SAT I?</p>

<p>A 36 is a perfect score and is better than a 2300. Did you take the writing portion of the ACT? If so, I can think of no reason to retake the SAT I as Ivy schools will accept either ACT with writing or SAT. Instead, you should focus on the SAT II that you "kind of bombed"</p>

<p>36 is a great score. While it might not have quite the weight of 2400 (perfect scorers on the SAT are rarer), this should not be a concern for you. I would take 36 over 2300 if I were you.</p>

<p>For schools that are for "no score choice", do you know if I can just send my ACT score and SAT II scores without sending my SAT I scores?
(I know that Yale stated clearly that they'll take either ACT or ALL of SAT I and II, so I know that some schools will make you send both SAT I and SAT II. But does that apply for all the schools that don't want the score choice option?)</p>

<p>Although Ivy League Colleges usually look at SAT scores, a perfect ACT score is bound to be impressive. I'm sure you have great grades and keep your self busy in extra-curricular so with a perfect ACT score you should be a definite contender in an Ivy League College. A perfect score is hard to ignore.</p>

<p>I must also ask, what books or study schedule did you have to follow to achieve such a high score?</p>