Do kids at Lehigh get excited about their sports teams?

I had always envisioned myself at a school where I could receive a phenomenal education and at the same time be a huge college sports fan. I know that the Lehigh/Laf games always get a huge turnout and are really fun, but what about the rest of the games? I’m particularly asking about Football and Basketball. Do students fill the stands and get excited for the games? Insight from a current student, alum, or anyone who has attended sporting events at Lehigh would be awesome. Thanks!

Football is big–basketball not so much. But then again, Lehigh #beatduke in 2012…

If any of the LU sports teams are in the hunt for a Patriot League title, the interest is heightened. Wrestling always draws huge crowds.

Foodball is not big at Lehigh. What’s big about Football is MoCo’s. Most people don’t make it to the actual game. The biggest attended sport is probably wrestling. And as LUTFer, if someone’s doing well people are more likely to go. As someone on a sports team, as whole there isn’t a ton of school sports spirit

Students go to the football games after mocos, then leave usually after the first or second half. It’s mostly the alumni getting really into it. and the band. JOIN THE BAND!