Do kids from UMD get a bad rep?

<p>I got into the business school. But I was wondering, do employers still view UMD as a party school after years of rebuilding, enhancing, and innovation? Looking on earnings potential (I know it is averages) it seems that they still are classified as such even though the median salary is above UVA (a school with a great reputation). Comments?</p>

<p>There is more for employers to look at than just whether or not the applicant came from a party school.</p>

<p>i.e. Your grades, any internships, letters of recommendations....all are what matter the most. UMD's business school is very highly regarded, as long as you make the most of it.</p>

<p>The higher you rank in the school the better your job prospects. They want the best of the best.</p>

<p>The business school is absolutely fantastic! My brother is a senior in the business school and has really enjoyed it. He was offered a job from the government with a starting salary of $70,000 because he had an internship with them during his junior and senior years. Also, my mom has a friend who works for a large architecture company in D.C. and he said that the company regularly hires people straight out of the Business School because it has such a great reputation. I strongly encourage you to attend!</p>

<p>thanks brethren, bump</p>