Do low subject test scores substantially hurt an application?

<p>Will subject test scores in the 670-700 range substantially hurt an application to highly selective schools (eg. Columbia, Penn, Cornell) given a decent ACT score (34-35ish)?</p>

<p>on math 2? definitely. depends on your major etc, it certainly wont help with a low score</p>

<p>You can always retake, but you should at least be able to find 2 subject tests that you can get above a 750 on. Otherwise it may reflect poorly.</p>

<p>I'll be taking Literature and US History. Its the literature one I'm worried most about</p>

<p>Does anyone know how to translate the Barrons scale of 'below average,' 'average,' 'above average,' 'very good,' and 'excellent' into the common 800 point scale?</p>