Do many kids have their parents write their essays for them?

<p>I just heard someone say that some do. Well, I suppose there are always people who break the rules. Anyway, I was just wondering if this is very common. I don't think it is. However, I bet some kids get much better feedback than others.</p>

<p>I would be pretty scared to let my parents write mine for me. hehe... It would not sound like me if they wrote it. Hmmm ... What are your guy's thoughts on this?</p>

<p>I think it's terrible. Not only is it cheating, but it's also lazy and stupid. My parents haven't read my essay, nor do they know what it's about. I think a little more involvement is fine, but personally, I don't want my parents involved in filling out my apps. I just wish they'd do the financial aid forms.</p>

<p>While few will admit it, I imagine that some parents do either write--or very heavily rewrite--their children's essays. But it's not only dishonest, it's also likely to backfire, as parents (and some English teachers) often think that essays are supposed to be self-aggrandizing or morally "uplifting" in ways that either don't sound like kids or put the adcoms to sleep.</p>

<p>In one word: YES</p>

<p>Have mine? No, and they haven't even read them. I know kids that their parents completely write each essay then hand a finnished copy to the student for "approval"... sickening!</p>

<p>BUT, I wish my parents would help filling out the b.s. paperwork part of the application.</p>

<p>I think colleges are aware of it but choose to turn a blind eye to the problem. This is why I think the essay requirement is flawed. It’s a sad fact that in academia there is more cheating done by the top ten percent than by the lower ten percent. No matter what field of human endeavor you look it, there is always more cheating at the top.</p>

<p>My essays haven't been shared wth my parents at all. I only told them that they were finished. :D However, my brother had my father write his essay. Hmm...Let's see...Maybe that's why I'll be going to the University of Chicago and he's at Pitt. :( I've never known two brothers to be so different in academic integrity and ability.</p>

<p>I completely wrote my essays on my own- my parents didn't even see them until they were done. However, I am sure that some parents do write essays for their kids, as there are parents who do projects for their children all throughout grade school.</p>

<p>my parents had 0 involvement with my essays. one day after I submitted my ED app they got curious and read the saved file on the computer. they said they liked it.</p>

<p>My parents read mine and made suggestions. I fail to see the harm in that. </p>

<p>It's still my essay.</p>

<p>Having your parents write the essay for you is so stupid. Most of the times if you're planning on going to a very selective school most probably your parents writing ability won't suffice. It wouldn't sound like a high school kid and it's dishonest.</p>

<p>However, I strongly recommend that your parents read the essays and comment on the overall effectiveness of them. But most importantly, give it to someone who doesn't love you. Unbiased opinion is the best!</p>

<p>My mom helps me a little with grammatical stuff and makes suggestions but that's all. The ideas are all mine.</p>

<p>A lot of stupid kid do.</p>


<p>My parents can't write.</p>

<p>if my parents wrote my essay, i dont think i would be able to get into university of alaska!</p>

<p>My parents have not seen any of my essays, nor do they know what they are about, or know anything about them...</p>

<p>hmm....i have my parents read them and give me overall feedback....i cant even ask for grammatical feedback cuz i speak the language 10 times better than they do (my parents and i are originally from russia) positively sure that parents (or professionals the parents hire) do write essays for kids, but i am fairly sure that this practice is only present in the most affluent communities</p>

<p>why would you let your parents write the essay?
A parent-written essay will do more harm than good, even if the admission officers never found out.</p>

<p>My parents speak and write only broken English. They don't care about my essay and just hope tht they will turn out good.</p>

<p>Neeleesh, as an Alaskan, I take offense to that statement. UAA, UAF, are great schools for nursing... and nature.... and stuff... yeah.... Pft, jk. But they're really affordable and alot of "bang for the buck."</p>