Do minors matter?

<p>so right now i am in an engineering major program at BYU. the way the program is set up, i have to graduate at the end of the winter semester. i can't finish in the fall. so planning it out, i've found that i could either graduate a year early, but i would have no minors, or i could get 2 or 3 minors and graduate a year later. i am planning to get a masters in engineering from usu when i graduate. which should i do? minors or early graduation?</p>

<p>I have read from a document prepared by someone in the admissions committee for PHD's in CMU for C.S. It had said that minors and, extra study, is a plus if it ties in with your research and has led to research problems. I don't think other fun minors will have an bearing on your admission into graduate school, though the experience may be fun. I am a mechE major and minor in C.S. as I'm interested in modeling and simulation of systems.</p>

<p>Up to you, but won't early graduation save you a lot of money? For Master's and for Engineering it may not matter too much. Do you have advisors at school to consult with and see if you have a strong application without a related minor? My daughter is at grad school at UW-Madison and didn't have a minor, fwiw.</p>

<p>Brahmin, do you have a link to this doc? Sounds interesting.</p>